Hey! My name’s Ahmad.

I’m Pakistani, well, sorta. I was born and raised across the world from Pakistan - Toronto, Canada to be specific. I lived my entire life in Canada to this point, but I always felt Pakistani. The thing I noticed about other overseas Pakistanis like myself is that it was always super tough to balance between the place we’re born and the place our parents call “home”.

I didn’t even get a chance to go to Pakistan until I was 18, but when I did? Man, I fell in love. The art, history, architecture, people, clothes and food (oh man the food...).

I was so enthralled with my Pakistani heritage that I wanted to bring some of my culture back with me to Canada. I wanted to speak Urdu (and I did, terribly), I wanted to learn to cook Pakistani food and I wanted to pronounce my name correctly. I just wanted to represent my Pakistani identity wherever I went. But frankly, I wasn’t going to walk around campus wearing a Shalwaar Kamees.

I asked myself: “Why can’t I show that I’m Pakistani by wearing a hoodie or something?”


SANNUKI combines Pakistani heritage - vivid and lively, with Streetwear - comfortable, casual, urban clothing.

SANNUKI products pay homage to elements of Pakistani identity - culture, history, art, poetry, architecture and people. We create products that showcase the beauty that Pakistan has to offer.

SANNUKI products are all manufactured by small-scale businesses in Pakistan, to support domestic talent and work.

SANNUKI gives back 14% of proceeds to charitable organizations in Pakistan, to help our people back home.

We’re a Back Home brand.