Gilgit-Balstistan is a region in Pakistan that is known for its natural beauty. It has become a renowned tourist destination for ambitious mountain climbers, expeditioners, and casual visitors alike. Travellers begin their journey by going through Khunjerab pass. Their journey ahead involves traversing long, winding roads that wrap themselves around Karakoram mountains for hundreds of kilometers. Their fatigue from the tiring journey vanishes at the first feeling of Hunza’s cool breeze and the sight of powdery white snow

This collection pulls aesthetic qualities from the mountaintops and hidden valleys of Gilgit-Balstistan. Snowflakes represent beauty that can show up unexpectedly. They accompany the brittle gusts of wind that mountains are notorious for. When facing the cruelty of the cold, a singing serenade of cold crystals can warm your heart. Their whites and blues dance in the atmosphere like a care-free child.

This winter, Find warmth in the frozen. 

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