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Pakistan has a large overseas population, estimated at 9,000,000 people. Many of these overseas Pakistanis reside in the UK, Canada and the Arab world - and have been for generations! An unfortunate consequence of such circumstances leaves overseas Pakistanis with a sense of diaspora - to feel away from home. This can be attributed to the inability to visit Pakistan, disconnect from the culture and detachment from the languages, all highlighted by the challenge of completely assimilating within their new homes. Truly, many overseas Pakistanis feel a longing for their homeland, and find few outlets to express such sentiments. 

Enter SANNUKI.com

SANNUKI is principled on solving some of the challenges that overseas Pakistanis face. 

1. Create high-quality, widely available, affordable and representative products which appeal to Pakistanis; particularly those overseas

Pakistanis love Pakistan. Pakistanis also love expressing their love for Pakistan, and have done so for years through art, poetry, music, dance, fashion or even chants of "Zindabaad". The challenge for overseas Pakistanis is bridging the gap between their new culture and representing their homeland. Fashion particularly suffers in this regard, creating a distinct need for meaningful, available, and appealing Western clothing (a category that hasn't received much love). SANNUKI aims to provide products which assimilate into new cultures, while maintaining the integrity of Pakistani identities. We create for Pakistanis.

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2. Source materials, design and production exclusively from Pakistani businesses 

A distinct feature of community is creating and supporting a network of interdependence economically. Through globalization, the notion of supporting local businesses seems to be a thing of the past. SANNUKI understands the importance of supporting domestic talent, and relies solely on up-and-coming designers and small-scale manufacturers in Pakistan for the bulk of production. We are built by Pakistanis.

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3. Donate 14% of profit to rotating Pakistan-based charitable organizations and humanitarian projects

The generosity of Pakistanis fuels a desire to help the nation by donating to charitable causes within the country. Unfortunately, many barriers exist which makes the collection and dissemination of donations by overseas Pakistanis into Pakistan quite challenging. For starters, development organization and charities within the country often do not have the means to gain significant outreach. Furthermore, collecting donations internationally is troublesome due to technological lag. For overseas Pakistanis, ensuring that donated funds are being used sincerely by charitable organizations is also a matter of concern. SANNUKI wishes to solve these problems by acting as an advertising agent to a rotating set of Pakistan-based charitable organizations which have been verified as legitimate. Going further than advertising, SANNUKI pledges to donate 14% of profit to the selected charity as well. We give back to Pakistanis.

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